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Most new moms want to breastfeed and start off. Many moms encounter challenges, and may feel discouraged. I'll help you get back on track so you and your baby can feed and thrive together. 

Feeding your baby can be challenging
I'm here to help

I provide comprehensive lactation and feeding services 
in my clinic or virtually. 
Come see me and I'll help you and your baby to feed and thrive together. I can help with:

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Book, come in, and leave empowered to thrive  

3 simple steps

Receive the support and help that every new parent deserves. No judgement, simply receive the care you need to thrive as a family.  

Experienced and knowledgeable 

I have years of rich experiences from helping families in the community and acute care with feeding challenges. My knowlege is deep and my skill set is wide, I'm ready to help you navigate your journey.

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